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"Whanganui River Adventures prides itself on true local  and personalised river tours delivering safety to the best of our ability staying 100% true to the essence and authenticity of Whanganui River Adventures service, delivery and experience."


Ken & Josephine Haworth Whanganui River Adventures

Kia ora

Ken and Josephine HaworthNau mai, haere mai, local Maori Tourism Business based in Pipiriki owned by river locals (tangata whenua) – Ken & Josephine Haworth – come with many years of Jetboating experience on the river (Awa). They have lived in the middle reaches of this river valley their entire lives along with their own family (whanau), growing up with the history and stories passed down to them from their parents, grandparents and their generation before them, this is some of what they are able to share with you.  It is with their experience, local knowledge, love and respect for the river that they take great pride in delivering to you the only authentic and personalised service during your tour.

Josephine is the 3rd generation in her family to be involved in jet boating on the Whanganui River,  this family has been jet boating for half a century, jet boating has always been a big part of their history. Ken’s family have been Commercial jet boating since 1970’s, he first started driving Commercially in 1985 partnering up with his parents – Ken and Raewyn Haworth in their family Commercial Jet boat Business – Pipiriki Jet Boat Tours (sold in 1988) original owners of Bridge to Nowhere Jet boat Tours & Lodge (established in 1989).

Later on – Ken and Josephine purchased the family business until 1998. Started Pipiriki Jet Boat Tours again in 2002, then in Sept, 2003 purchased – Riverspirit Jet Boat Tours, combined the business with the present business to this date. Now, the proud owner/operators of our own success – “Whanganui River Adventures”.


More about us:

  • Whanganui River Adventures is the only local Maori owned Commercial Jet boat Tours based in Pipiriki
  • Local Whanau Driver/Guides – have many years of Commercial and Jet Boat Driving Experience.
  • Audited annually by NZ Maritime Safety Authority – MSA No: JO522
  • Member of NZ Jetboat Association.
  • Member of NZCJBA and TIANZ
  • Member of Whanganui River Road Marketing Cluster
  • DOC Concessionaire – Whanganui National Park
Whanganui River Aventures

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DOC Approved
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Whanganui River Aventures
Whanganui River Aventures
Visit Ruapehu - Our greater outdoors