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Jet Boat Tours

Run 12 months of the year, dependant on conditions.

(Please note that age restrictions apply for these tours)

Bridge to Nowhere Tour

  4.5 hours

Tour to the Whanganui River's Historic Landmark “The Valley of Abandoned Dreams” better known as “The bridge to nowhere”.

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Manganui o te Ao River

  45 Minutes

This tour takes you up the Whanganui River to the famous “Drop Scene” area.  The name originates from the musical hall days of the 1900’s.  This area consists of three 3 caves.

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Jet Boat & Canoe/Kayak Tours

Only available October – April dependant on conditions.

NO CANOEING OVER WINTER MONTHS - MAY to SEPT (Conditions pending. Please call to check).

Please note that age restrictions apply for these tours.

The Onedayer Adventure

  6-7 hours

We start with the Bridge to Nowhere Tour then includes Jet boat back down Whanganui River 22kms and do an unguided 2 hours canoe or kayak (last 10 kms) back to Pipiriki stopping and exploring along the way.

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Traveller with little time

  3.5-5 hours

Jetboat upriver for 13 kms we will kit you out in your own canoe for you to paddle down the Whanganui River to Pipiriki, while immersing yourself in the beauty of the Whanganui Rivers most secnic landscape, deep river gorges and some of the more exciting rapids along the way.

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The Overnighter

  2 days

Enjoy the history that we share during our guided jet boat, walk to the Bridge to Nowhere. Followed by paddling down the Whanganui River to Tieke Kainga/hut in the afternoon.

Day 2 is spent paddling from Tieke Kainga/hut back to Pipiriki (20kms). This takes 4-5 hours to paddle and you pass through some of the best scenery on the Whanganui River, with long flat sections of water and also some rapids to keep it refreshing.

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Partnership Tours

Bridge to Nowhere One Day Ride

  8-10 hours


We can cater for all group sizes where Kune Shuttles will transport you to the Ruatiti Road end (1 hour) where you start your ride.  Then Whanganui River Adventures will pick you up at the Mangapurua landing with our Jet Boats and jet boat you 32 km's back to Pipiriki where a Kune Shuttles passenger van will return you back to your accommodation.

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Whanganui River & Road Combo

  10 hours


A unique travel experience on this tour as mail and supplies are delivered to the residents of the historic Whanganui River Road. Upon your arrival in Pipiriki you will join Whanganui River Adventures on the “Bridge to Nowhere” tour.

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Matemateaonga Track Tramp

  3-4 days


Take advantage of a 3-4 day tramp along the Matemateaonga Range at your own pace taking into account the magnificent views of Mt Ruapehu in the far distant bush clad hills, farmlands and lowland forests of the Waimarino.

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